Thinking of looking to Florida for a holiday home?  
Welcome to the, where you can view holiday homes for sale in Florida with ease.  We have setup a page showing the best developers in the area around the Disney theme parks.   We also have selected a number of resale homes for you to view with a range of prices.  If you are looking for property for sale in Florida, we can help you find exactly what you want at a price that suits your budget.

We are based in the Davenport area, which is the heart of the vacation homes area in Orlando Central Florida.  If you are looking for a holiday home for sale in Florida this is the location providing great value, choice and an excellent opportunity to rent out your home when you are not staying there.  Making your Florida holiday home an investment.

We help people understand the process of buying here.  Its straightforward if you have the right realtor.  We help you with the details from opening a bank account and obtaining a mortgage through to taxes and insurance.  If you have a look at this page we have created guide for terms you will need to know when buying a holiday home in Florida.  From buying through to cleaning, we got it covered.

We are based in Florida and own homes here ourselves.  So we know how to help you avoid the pitfalls and can give you first hand advice on what its like to own here.
New Homes 
If you are looking for a new build homes we can help you with the best developers in the region.  
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        Resale homes
  If you are looking for resale homes to buy in Orlando Florida just click here.  We have listed a number of the homes we represent so you can gauge the range avaliable.  
Orlando Holiday Homes for sale
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What to look for in a Realtor
When looking to buy property in Orlando or Florida as a whole you should consider a few things before you start to look.  In the US you need a Realtor to guide you through the process and importantly one who works for you.  Its important as the realtor in America does most of the work a solicitor would do at home, you also normally find that both the buyer and the seller have a realtor in most transactions.  .
You need someone who is bonded (similar to insurance) and has a state license to act as a realtor.  We would also recommend you find someone with a proven track record of buying, selling, renting and managing properties.  For us the key is having the right people in the right locations.  The majority of Florida Exclusive work in our Orlando office where we not only provide the service of a Realtor but we also have a team that works with tour operators to ensure that we maximize the rental time of properties, we are local for any maintenance needs and we are available if you needed someone in Orlando.
Would you like to see a few homes we currently have for sale, click to see Florida Property for Sale
Philippa Murray has over 15 years experience with
homes and Real Estate in Florida.  Click here to see her advice on the sales process in Florida.
We have listed some of the most common references used when buying a home in Florida.  If its your first time we hope this helps.
Orlando Holiday Homes for sale
Inspection Trips
One thing you do need to do is come to Orlando and see for yourself the homes we have on offer.  We can offer you 3 nights accommodation on us in a home that will be very similar to the type of home you suggest that you would like.  We can then take you round and show you some a number of homes that will be tailored to your requirements.  You'll have plenty of time to look round.  Have a look at our page on Inspection Trips.
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